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Conserving Water, One Toilet At A Time

25% Water Rate Increase for Arizona Water Company Customers (TriValleyCentral)

Baltimore Water Rates to Rise 9%: System Leaks 20% of Water Per Day!!! (WBALTV)

$21,600.00 Water Bill has Florida Couple Up in Arms (UPI)

LA Water Works Offers Cash for Replacing Your Lawn with Drought-Resistant Plants (LATimes)

Water Rates to Jump 17.9% in Portland, Oregon?; Sewer 6.5% (KGWChannel8)

Water Deliveries in California Increased 40%! (LATimes)

Water Needs Electricity Needs Water (NYTimes)

Wireless Sensors Save Water on Golf Courses (NYTimes)

Rising Water Costs Take Toll on Rentals (ChicagoDailyHerald)

The Water Billing Nightmare: It’s All about the Lease! (Janet Portman, AmericanApartmentOwnersAssocation)

San Diego Getting $320M Desalination Plant! (LosAngelesTimes)

Who’s Calling to Regulate California’s Groundwater? Regulators? (NewYorkTimes)

Water Texas’ Most Precious Resource, Says Businessman Tom Hicks, Who Uses 10M Gallons Per Year (DallasObserver)

California Too Broke to Fund Water Transfers Needed in Drought (Jim Downing, SacramentoBee)

5% Water Rate Increase on Tap for Charlotte, North Carolina (CharlotteObserver)

California Water Crisis: Water Meters, Mendota Profile and Ag’s Response to Drought (ClimateWatch, NPR)

Water Shortages Renew Renewables Industry (Meaghan Daly, AlterNet)

US Restaurants Begin Charging for Water? (SanFranciscoChronicle)

Water Crisis in Central Valley NOT Water Supply Related (CaliforniaProgressReport)

Alabama, Florida, Georgia Water War (MiamiHerald)

Escondido, California City Council Considering Low Level(s) of Mandatory Water Rationing (SanDiegoTribune)

It Takes 50 Gallons of Water to Drive 1 Mile on Ethanol! (AutoBlogGreen)

San Francisco-Based Nonprofit “Imagine H20″ Launches Water Plan Contest for Entrepreneurs (SanFranciscoBusinessTimes)

Atlanta Water Utility Problems: Delinquent Accounts Total $50M+ (AtlantaJournalConstitution)

New Water Ordinances for Durham, North Carolina Residents: $250.00 Penalties (DurhamMyNC)

12% Water Rate Hike on Tap for San Luis Obispo, California Residents (SanLuisObispoTribune)

Curbing Our “Profound Waste” of Water (Marc Gunther, GreenBiz)

Mayor Sanders of San Diego Wants Council to Approve Mandatory Water Rationing by June 1, 2009 (KPBS)

Study: Upper Great Lakes Not Losing As Much Water As Previously Thought (ChicagoTribune)

Statesboro, Georgia Tiered Water Rates Rising Significantly: Almost $6.68 Per Month Per Customer = $75.00+ Per Year (StatesboroHerald)

EPA Gives Arizona $82M for Water Projects (WISN)

The Future of Milwaukee is Water, Says Businessman (WISN)

Massachusetts Emphasizes Clean Water: Awards Almost $1 Billion for Clean Water Projects due to Stimulus (Examiner)

Study: Atlanta Water Bills may Be Too High: 27.5% 1st Year, 12.5% 2nd Year, 12.5% 3rd Year, 12% 4th Year; Hikes may Be Reduced 2% to 4% (AtlantaJournalConstitution)

Shocking Water Consumption & Running Toilet Leakage Facts: The Average Toilet in San Francisco Wastes $6.83 Per Month or $81.96 Per Year due to Running or Leaking!!! (LeakBird)

Average Canadian Water Usage Per Capita: They Believe They Use 66 Liters Per Day (L/d), but They Actually Use 439 L/d (Aguanomics)

California Water Crisis: 10,000 Farmers, Farmworkers Marched 50 Miles across San Joaquin Earlier This Month (SacramentoBee)

Oregon Water: Whoever Controls Limited Water Supply will Control New Housing, Industry, How Farming Expands (Oregonian)

High Water Bill? Know Your Typical Average Monthly Water Bill & Study Your Toilet (LeakBird)

Water Restrictions Approved for Santa Cruz, California: Steep Fines of Up to $500.00 (MercuryNews)

Crumbling Water Infrastructure in Baltimore: All Municipal Buildings and Some Business Closed after Water Main Break (WJZ)

Bronx, New Yorkers Angry @ 3rd Annual Water Rate Hike, and This Time, A Boiling 14%!!!: Average Annual Residential Bill to Be $913.00!!! (DailyNews)

Seven Easily Identifiable Sounds a Toilet Makes When It’s Running or in Need of Repair, or Even Something Beyond That (LeakBird)

Study: 20% of Bottled Water Contains More Chlorine than California Regulations Allow (PlanetGreen)

Mandatory Water Restrictions Arrive in Drought-Struck San Antonio, Texas (SanAntonioBusinessJournal)

Drastic Times Call for Drastic Measures: “Save Our Water” Campaign Launched for California (LeakBird)

Water Crisis California: Time for Fed to Re-engage in Full Partnership with Golden State (EDF, OnTheWaterFront)

Metropolitan Water District Requirement: Thousand Oaks, California to Introduce Tiered Water Rates (VenturaCountyStar)

Growing Water Demand in Oregon Brings Special Interests, Lobbying, Political Clout (Oregonian)

Note to Self: Repair Running Toilet Already, because It Constantly Runs, Well, Almost (LeakBird)

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